About Moore

Metal has a new name. That was the moniker given to the Denver based metal band “Moore” when they started, and now with a sixth studio album released, Moore may not be a new name, but it’s a name that still screams metal around the world. Fronted by vocalist Jim Moore, the band has become an institution in the underground music scene in many countries.


And though the lineup may change, what doesn’t change is that Moore continues winning awards and gaining respect and admiration of critics and fans alike.

2008 brought a new lineup to the band. The screaming guitars and angry vocals coupled with pounding drums that have always been a trademark of Moore, are now elevated in ways never before heard thanks to the addition of master guitarist Joe Johnson (formerly of Wastoid and Shadowdance) and the wunderkind drumming of Norwegian native Haakon Sjoegren (formerly of Havok).  A brand new addition to the lineup in 2009 is the stellar bass playing of Marcus Cohrich (also formerly from Havok. Marcus is not on “Guillotines” but will be on the next album, which is already being written.)


Dec of 2009 brought the release of “Guillotines and Angel Wings,” and Moore once again continues to be a dominating force in the world of metal. Recorded at the legendary Blasting Room, and mixed and mastered by producer guru Jason Livermore (of Rise Against, The Casualties and The Alkaline Trio fame). “Guillotines” is a tour de force of modern metal. Already the praise is heard around the world, garnering fantastic reviews from the print magazines Heavy and Metal Hammer in Germany, and the reviews on the Internet are stellar as well. Fearzone.net calls Guillotines “Everything a sinister metal heart can desire” and Heavy magazine writes: “Hit after hit.” Tom Murphy of the Westword speaks of the bands live show as “Utterly impressive musicianship” and “rightfully loved by their fans.” Heavy Magazine in Germany gave "Guillotines" and 11 out of 12 in the May 2010 issue. Heavy also gave Bleed an 11 out of 12 in 2005.


The band has numerous awards under their belt including two Underground Music Awards in Denver, “American Band of the Year” 2005 and although they are not a Glam band, they somehow managed to win  Best Glam Band” 2007, both awards were from Hollywood’s Rock City News.

Moore has played hundreds of shows from New York to Los Angeles, where they have played five times at the world famous Whisky a Go Go. Also, 2005 saw Moore represented at Popkomm in Berlin, where they made the national news covering the event.


They have shared the stage with many legendary bands including Corey Taylor, Wednesday 13, Dope, Faster Pussycat, Stephan Pearcy, Great White, Jackal, and Pist-On.


Currently Moore is preparing for a tour of the Midwest and East Coast. They are also writing the follow-up to the 2009 release of “Guillotines” and will be heading back to the studio early next year.

Moore is:
Jim Moore: Vocals
Joe Johnson: Guitars
Haakon Sjoergren: Drums
Marcus Corich: Bass

Guillotines and Angel Wings